Pokemon is Life

By "Tom" @TombourineVGC

Pokemon to me is a very important part of my life; for over two-thirds of my life dare I say. I started playing maybe around the age of 5 years old, starting with Pokemon Yellow Version, but I never beat Brock in Yellow because I didn't understand why Thundershock couldn't KO anything. About 2 years later I skipped to Leaf Green Version, and having beat the Elite 4, I was content with Pokemon Leaf Green. December 26, 2007 I received Pokemon Diamond Version from my aunt as a Christmas present, and on the said save file I played somewhere over 700 hours non-competitively. I have bought and played every main entry into the series past that point (and many spin-offs), although I have yet to finish playing through B2, X, and AS Versions, though all their counterparts have been played through. Pokemon has been a game I have played almost exclusively my entire life, with Monster Hunter being a recent favorite that sits alongside Pokemon.

Most of my closest friends play Pokemon. One such friend gets the random teams I build and play on Pokemon Showdown, then he gets bombarded with emails of the spreads and all kinds of battle replays. Needless to say he watches them and tells me what he may think I should have done/brought in battle, and he does the same exact thing for me with the team building. We both love Pokemon but we are sort of like the Kevin/Blue combo where I focus more VGC like Blue and my Friend focuses more on the Singles Meta like Kevin.

Now, I just started looking into the VGC scene during VGC '15, and I have hopes to attend the Lancaster, PA Regional in October for VGC '16 just for the experience of Pokemon IRL, because in my area Pokemon is seen as an Elementary School age child's game. I actually got into VGC because of school though. My school has iPads as a "teaching aid," but I used it as entertainment during the second semester where the portion of the day between 8:50 and 1:20 was that of boredom. My entertainment during that period of the day was to watch VGC Battles and read articles on NuggetBridge.com. I probably wouldn't have gotten into VGC without school, so I know it has "taught" me one of my loves of Pokemon.

In closing, my opinion of Pokemon is, "If I were to stop playing such a diverse and magical game, you might as well tell me to stop living. The rolls of the RNG are what keeps life interesting and worth living."

Anyway, I would also like to thank Blue, Yellow, Red/Kevin, and all the Guests on the Kanto Cast for doing such a wonderful job on keeping up with the life of Pokemon news, as well as entertaining with Yellow's Game Log and Blue's Try Not To Be Terrible, and finally informing through the Team Review section of the Podcast, and just keeping current with Pokemon news.