A Chance Encounter with a Weird Dark Blue Rectangular Shaped Box

by @FollowerPokemon

I was about five years old when I was first introduced to it. My father had just moved into a new apartment where we found a box full of VHS tapes of movies and other items I vaguely remember. I searched the box and I found this weird dark blue rectangular shaped box with a grayish smaller box inside. I looked at it confused and then read "Game Boy Color." I found a power switch and it turned on. I let it sit and watched three unfamiliar shells bobbing under a sea as the shot pans upward with a nice song that put me in awe. It plays through and the title "Pokemon Silver Version" appears. I mashed the A button a few times and I was hooked!

So that's how it started, I played the game as much as I could! I played before school, after school, whenever I had the chance. I almost missed the bus once because I needed to save the game. It was my favorite game and still is one of my favorites! I tried to buy and play as many Pokemon games as possible after Silver Version. Unfortunately, there was a time in my life where I believed it was time for me to "grow up." I thought I was too old for the game and so, I put Pokemon behind me for a while. Eventually, about a year or two ago, I wanted to get back into it. I bought Pokemon Y and it was like a completely different game, but not different at all! After completing the game, I got Pokemon Omega Ruby. I played through the story and I wanted much more. So I tried seeing how successful I could be online. I was absolutely terrible! So I had to figure out how to be better through the internet. After searching and understanding more, I made a Twitter account dedicated to Pokemon to help keep the focus on Pokemon, and I must say, the world grew for me! Now I'm more experienced, more into Pokemon than ever before, and have made friends that I've never even met in person! This experience is fantastic! The experience is definitely the reason why Pokemon is important to me. 

I guess to answer the question, "what do you love about Pokemon," I can say that I love how Pokemon has enabled the ability for me to interact with a community that I never knew existed until I started playing competitively. I love how we can all have the same interest from many miles apart.