Real Life Pokemon Events

by @PkmnCrossroads

I figure I would share my real life Pokemon event stories seeing that it is pretty much a huge part of my real life when I am off the internet and not writing articles. 

In real life, I am a Pokemon League owner and tournament organizer. I had joined a Pokemon League back in 2011 in order to play the Pokemon TCG with other people and eventually became the owner. That means I have to be at the Pokemon League regularly to give out rewards to players and helping out newer and veteran players of the TCG. There are some days where I don't get to play more then two TCG games because I am busy running a tournament or helping others. Though it is all fun and I love that I get to make friends with so many Pokemon fans.

As I mentioned before, I am also an tournament organizer. This means I have the ability to run official Pokemon tournaments. I can only run League Challenges (think Premiere Challenges for the TCG). It is pretty great too, these tournaments are where Championship Points can be won. I decided to pursue this because I wanted to make our League more noticeable but also give my friends and league members a chance to take part in a higher tier tournament without having to drive an hour to the other side of the city. (Houston is a big place).

Outside of the Pokemon League, I do try to do a few League Challenges and tournaments when time permits. The 2014-2015 tournament season was maybe my most active and best season so far. I had competed in a City Tournament for the first time and had gotten in the Top 4 of top cut using an old favorite deck of mines that used Team Plasma Pokemon. I then competed at Nationals for the first time and did pretty good using one of my favorite decks I have ever made. The deck used Steel types with the main focus to prevent damage from EX Pokemon (Plasma Klinklang). I had a record of 5-2-2 which was much better then I expected but I had fun and was at a top table. Even better, I had traveled to Nationals with two of my best friends from the League I run. We had a great time granted that we didn't make it into Day 2 of Nationals.

The Pokemon community is pretty amazing in real life. They are maybe one of the nicest groups of people you can meet and are willing to help you. Blue's description of them during his Regional's recap was pretty much spot on. We all may be trying to reach the top but also know that we need to have fun. There are a few serious players but the ones who have fun truly do outshine them and makes attending Pokemon events a joy.