I could have gone to Thomas Jefferson's house!

by @SrSableye

I remember the first time I played Pokemon pretty vividly. I was in the fourth grade in 1998 when Red and Blue were ultra hype in the States. My class was scheduled to take a field trip to Monticello, but I came down with a cold the day before and had to miss out. I was so bummed that my mom offered to buy me a treat to help me feel better. I told her about this Pokemon thing that everyone at school was talking about and how I didn't have many games to play on my original Game Boy.

I was so excited when she came home from work with the Blue version! I played the games before I watched the anime, so I had no idea that Gary was the rival and Ash was the main character. Sure enough, when I started the game I chose Gary as my name, Squirtle as my starter, and named my rival Ash. Did anyone else do this?

Smell ya later, Kanto Nation!