Silver Soul of Johto

by @Samakonda

...  The first time I’ve ever played a Pokemon game I was with my uncle. He was bringing me along to pick up my cousin from his mother. I was 8 and we were driving to another town 30 miles away. I couldn’t handle doing nothing for so long, so before we left my uncle handed me my cousin’s GameBoy Color.

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It All Started in Gym Class

by @GeneticInsect

...The year was 1998, I was in Grade 10 and there was a new phenomenon taking the world by storm. I had heard about Pokemon and wasn't impressed with catching little creatures. Not to mention RPGs weren't my preferred style of games. A friend of mine had brought his Pokemon Red game to Gym class and I had my first hands-on experience with it. He let me pick his first starter, I picked Charmander. I crushed his rival and headed down Route 1. Encountering a Pidgey and beating it was more than enough to convince me.

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Return of a Trainer

by @Fardreamer101

...I explained that I had played the originals but hadn’t played in years. I was tempted but just couldn’t convince myself I needed to play them again. Then some news broke, not only did you get to choose one of the new starters, but also one of the Kanto starters of well. I could have a Charmander again and that was that!

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