NPA S4 Special Edition - Pre-Season and Draft

Blue sits down with Joedor, Commissioner of the NPA, to talk about the rules and teams of the NPA Season 4.

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Intro/Outro Music by: Kevin Corso

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Nashville Preditars

New Orleans Pelippers

Durham Druddigons

Southampton Sharpedos

Adelaide Honchkrows

Detroit Type: Nulls

Pittsburgh Pirattatas

South Texas Sableyes

Chicago Cubchoos

Seattle Seakings

Atlanta Arcanines Dave

Minnesota Vikavolts

Rochester Rhydons

Tapu Koko Puffs

Cedar Rapids Thundurus

Los Angeles Landorus

Strawhat Swamperts

Maryland Torterrapins

Miami Donphans

Munchlaxster United

New York Klinks

Colorado Rapidash

Orlando Magikarp

Tampa Bay Luxrays

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