Episode 043 - Aloha Alola

Blue and Yellow are back, but Blue is sick... and not all that with it. But the show must go on! The two talk about Spring Regional results, the state of the VGC 2016 meta, the June International Challenge, #ManaphyMonth for #Pokemon20 and the new prizes for US Nationals and Worlds. Also this episode the duo covers the new Pokemon Sun and Moon news including Alola's islands, Professor Kukui, Assistant Lillie, Rival Hau, character customization, the typings, abilities and signature attacks of Solgaleo and Lunala and most importantly Rotom Pokedex! Wrapped up with a Citizen of the Week, news on the Kanto Nation First Generation Citizens poster and the Kanto Cast Legend-Less competition episode 43 is bound to make you smile. And if not, just wait for the bloopers where Blue can't remember how to introduce the show. Enjoy!

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This Week's Links:
Spring Regional Results
June International Challenge
Manaphy Month
US Pokemon Nationals Prize Info
Pokemon Worlds Prize Info
All the Pokemon Sun and Moon Trailers You Need
See Who's Winning the Kanto Cast Legend_Less Competition

This Episode's Featured Citizen of the Nation:
Baby Nick aka MightyMamoswine

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