Episode 011 - #FishFightVGC

This week on Kanto Cast, Blue, Red and Yellow talk about being New and Noteworthy on iTunes, anticipate the LA Pokemon Boutique, get you updated on the "To Be the Very Best" Kickstarter, get you in the know on the International Challenge June and discuss the Battle Spot Little Cup Challenge results! Blue and Red also give a recap on weeks 4 and 5 in the Global Battle Association, go over the Top Cuts from the VGC Regional Championships in Georgia and Wisconsin. Also in this episode: another edition of "Follow Me" and a brand new segment "Team Analysis". But what about Yellow's Game log? Listen to find out!

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International Challenge June: http://kantonation.com/news/2015/6/4/2015-international-challenge-june

2015 VGC Spring Regional Championships: http://kantonation.com/news/2015/6/2/vgc-15-spring-regional-championships 

All the VGC Spring Regional Top Cut Teams: http://nuggetbridge.com/articles/teams-vgc-15-spring-regionals/

LA Pokemon Boutique: http://www.pokemon.com/us/pokemon-news/visit-the-la-pokemon-boutique-starting-in-june/

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