Episode 012 - How Do You Say Zebstrika?

On this week's episode the Kanto Cast Crew go over what Nintendo is bringing to E3, give a rundown of current VGC leaders in Championship Points, share an update on the VGC documentary "To Be the Very Best" and feature a Citizen of the Week on Follow Me! Also, Yellow has a brand new Yellow's Game Log and Blue and Red analyze two new competitive teams, share a brand new Trainer's Tip and give a recap of Week 6 of the GBA! All this and more. Enjoy!

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International Challenge June: http://kantonation.com/news/2015/6/4/2015-international-challenge-june

Week 6 of the GBA: http://battlegba.com/2015/06/07/s4w6-gba-match-results/

To Be the Very Best Documentary: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/448662331/to-be-the-very-best

Why Now is the Time for Competitive Pokemon: http://kantonation.com/news/competitive-pokmon-why-now

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