Episode 032 - Double Bubble Beam FTW

This week Blue and Yellow talk about their "strange" Halloween weekend, then some Pokemon news that includes details on the upcoming Nintendo reward service "My Nintendo". Find out how to get your hands on a Hoopa and Zoroark as well!. They dive into the upcoming Scrappy Skirmish online competition with a Team Review followed by the return of Yellow's Game Log! She finds out just how persistent Lysandre can be, while Blue give us a rundown of his Premier Challenge experiences and what he plans on bringing to the Scrappy Skirmish in his "Try Not To Be Terrible" segment. To finish out the episode, a brand new Citizen of the Week is announce and Blue and Yellow do their usual rambling at the end! Enjoy! 

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Scrappy Skirmish Online Competition
My Nintendo Membership Service
Pokemon Crossroads
Try Not To Be Terrible Replay
Yellow's TCG Openings
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