Soul Silver Switch Locke Rules!

Here are the rules for the Kanto Cast Soul Silver Switch Locke!

We can only catch the first Pokemon encountered in each new area. Failure to catch said Pokemon results in a lost opportunity for a new Pokemon, pending the Duplicates Clause which allows us to re-encounter a Pokemon on the same route should the first that we encounter be a Pokemon that we have already caught.

We must nickname all captured Pokemon. We'll be naming them after citizens of the Kanto Nation.

Fainted Pokemon are considered dead or unusable and cannot be revived. They must either be released or stored in a specific PC box.

Every 25 minutes will have a "Switch". Grinding sessions do not apply to this 25 minute period. After 25 minutes have expired Blue or Yellow must save their progress and end the session or finish any battles, conversations, etc and then save and end the session as soon as possible.

Neither of us can discuss the events of their time (25 minute session or grinding) with the other so that each time the players enter the game "blind". The only exception to this rule will be the allowance of a note specifying whether or not a first time heal was utilized during one of either Blue or Yellow's play sessions.

Blue and Yellow will only be able to utilize an area's Pokemon Center or "Heal Stations" one time each per entrance. So, for example upon entering Goldenrod City, Blue and Yellow may heal immediately or wait to heal until a later time. But once they use Goldenrod's Pokemon Center they can't use it again without using a token. Pokemon who are newly caught and have not battled may be healed once for free right after being caught without utilizing any first time healing privileges or tokens.

There are 3 types of tokens which allow us to use certain privileges:
Blue Tokens allow Blue to come to Yellow's rescue regarding where to go, how to battle or anything else she might need for a 2 minute period each time a token is used.
Yellow Tokens allow Blue to get the inside scoop on whatever happened in the last session from Yellow herself. Again, each token used will grant a 2 minute interaction period. Blue anticipates that Yellow will have a lot of explaining to do... 
Heal Tokens allow the use of Pokemon Centers and "Heal Stations" additionally outside the uses of first time healing visits.

Tokens are earned by completing certain tasks. While Heal Tokens may be earned by and for either player, Blue Tokens can only be earned by Blue for Yellow to use and Yellow Tokens may only be earned by Yellow for Blue's use.

Blue and Yellow Tokens are earned by either player successfully defeating a Rival, Gym Leader or Elite 4 member (including the Champion) without losing any Pokemon. Heal Tokens are earned successfully completing a new route by not losing any Pokemon during Trainer Battles on that route. However a minimum of 4 trainers must be fought on the route in order to earn a Heal Token for that route.

Blue and Yellow will be starting out with 3 of each tokens; 3 Blue Tokes, 3 Yellow Tokens and 3 Heal Tokens.

If Blue or Yellow find themselves in a situation where they are out of usable Pokemon during a Pokemon Battle and they "black out" the Locke ends and the game is over. However, Blue and Yellow may opt to sacrifice all remaining tokens they have in order to keep playing. This option will only be allowed should they have at least 1 token to sacrifice. If there are no tokens available, the option is not available either.


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