Win Blue's Metagross!

 Unfortunately, my Mega Metagross isn't be shiny... But it is blue like me!

Unfortunately, my Mega Metagross isn't be shiny... But it is blue like me!

So you want to win my Mega Metagross? The same Mega Metagross that helped me place 17th at Lancaster during Fall Regionals as well as finish 8th in the US in Doubles on Battle Spot during Season 14? Well you can't... But you can win an identical copy! When I was breeding Beldum way back when I had two that were the same nature with perfect IV's in everything but Special Attack. The other has been in my PC until I decided to turn it into an identical copy, moves, EV's and all, of my VGC 2015 Metagross. And now it can be yours! In honor of Kanto Cast being on the internet for one year, I'm holding a giveaway for this little guy! (He's actually not little at all and is in fact quite large according to the PokeDex...)

Here's how you can win it!

1. Be one of our awesome Patrons over at our Patreon!
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2. Follow Kanto Cast on Twitter and Retweet the Official Giveaway Tweet!
Patreon not for you? No worries, Yellow and I like to keep stuff free when we can. Simply head over to the Kanto Cast Twitter and give it a follow. You can find the account HERE! You can follow Yellow and myself as well, but in order to be considered for the giveaway you have to be following the Kanto Cast main account. After you've followed @KantoCast be sure to retweet the official giveaway tweet! That original Tweet can be found HERE if you haven't seen it already!

And that's it! Just become a Patron or Follow @KantoCast and retweet the Giveaway Tweet!

What's that? You want more chances to win? I'm so glad you asked. Being a Patron or Following and Retweeting gets you one entry, but if you want to up your chances here's what you can do:

1. Subscribe to the Kanto Cast YouTube Channel!
Subscribing to the Kanto Cast Youtube will get you one additional entry. If you want to do that, the link to the channel is HERE! Already subbed? Great! And thank you for that! Just let us know by tweeting/DM'ing us your account name on Twitter so that we can verify!

2. Follow Kanto Cast on Instagram!
Following Kanto Cast on Instagram gets you one additional entry. If doing so is of interest to you, check it out HERE! Already a follower? Awesome! Tweet/DM us your account name so we can verify just like with the YouTube bonus entries!

3. Write us an iTunes Review!
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And that's really all there is to it! The entry period will run from today, March 16, 2016 through April 1st, 2016. Good luck to everyone participating and thanks for being part of the #KantoNation!


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