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What is Kanto Cast...

Kanto Cast started as just a podcast but has grown to include daily Twitch streaming and YouTube content focuses on Pokemon and Nintendo gaming. Join Blue, Yellow and even special guests as they play, talk and theorize about their favorite fandom. 


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Who we are...



KantoCast's Blue has been on the Pokemon scene since Generation 1. With Squirtle and Mankey in tow he completed the game and became the "Pokemon Professor" of his childhood friends. Down the road Blue would change schools and meet new people, but by way of Pokemon made everlasting friendships that stand today. He loves the lore surrounding the Pokemon games and is a six-star Pokemon breeder. Blue is constantly reviewing teams and competing in online competitions. This year he'll also be making a run at VGC 2016!

Favorite Eeveelution: Espeon.

Elite Four or Gym Leader and Monotype: Gym Leader; Mono-Steel. Steel types are awesome and have come a long way since Gen 2. Also as a Gym Leader you pretty much run an entire town. That's awesome.

Game or Series You'd Play Forever Other Than Pokemon: Probably Fire Emblem. Or Smash Bros. Also Professor Layton. Uhg. Fire Emblem.

Which Pokemon Is Your Spirit Animal And Why: Arcanine. We're loyal, have wicked manes and red hair. Also I love dogs.

What Character From Pokemon Would You Have A Conversation With And What Would You Ask Him/Her: Easily Cynthia. I'd ask her anything and everything she knew about Pokemon mythology and lore.That stuff has always interested me and Cynthia studies it. Needless to say, we'd be BFFs.



Yellow is not an expert Pokemon Trainer. She recently finished her first play-thought EVER with Pokemon White! For the most part she works behind the scenes while Blue is off roaming Kanto and the lands beyond. While not engaging in Pokemon battles of her own, she can be found engaging Kanto Nation followers on multiple social media platforms. When Yellow is not Tweeting about the podcast, it's her job to keep the website up-to-date with the latest podcast episodes and Pokemon news content. You can also find her tearing into TCG packs and mispronouncing Pokemon names over on our YouTube channel.

Favorite Eeveelution: Glaceon

Elite Four or Gym Leader and Monotype: Elite Four; Mono-Ice. I would have some free time while waiting for trainers to battle me. Ice because I love Glaceon and I thought the ice gym in White was the prettiest.

Game or Series You'd Play Forever Other Than Pokemon: Mario Kart 8! Because it's a game I'm not terrible at -- I can sometime beat Blue. Also, with the different play modes and online racing it would take a while to get boring.

Which Pokemon Is Your Spirit Animal And Why: I would say Gardevoir. Gardevoir senses when its Trainer is in danger and has the instinct to protect. I'm also empathetic to others around me and I'm a caring person.

What Character From Pokemon Would You Have A Conversation With And What Would You Ask Him/Her: I would ask Cheren why his parents gave him a girls name!


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